Our Capabilities

● Most modern equipment
● High level of Technology
● Use of Hydrodynamic performance software
● Strong engineering base
● After Sales Service, trouble shooting
● Competitive price
● In-house testing facility
● Specific technology developed for application in large Hydro vertical bearings(upto 2.8 meters dia and 10 tonnes)
● Robust Supplier base


Welcome to DVB

DVB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is located about 15 KM North of Kolkata, India. The company has the most modern equipment, high level of technology and supplies mostly to major OEMs for Electrical Rotating Machines and Steel Mills and Hydro-Turbines in the domestic and international markets.

The Product Range DVB offers cover the following :

  • White Metal Bearings to DIN standard from 70 mm dia-900 mm dia.
  • White Metal Bearing for Gas, Water and Thermal Turbines, Motors and Generators. Radial with/without Thrust pads. Radial bearings up to 2500 mm dia and Thrust pad up to 25 tons.
  • Traction motor Axle Bearing.
  • Oil Film bearing & Assemblies for Steel Mills up to 1600 mm dia.

DVB Technologies is currently under the process of certification for ISO 14001 – 2015 and OHSAS 18001 – 2007

Area of Service

Domestic & Global OEMs for Electrical Rotating Machines
Hydro Turbine OEMs
Steel Mills
Traction Motors
Hydro Turbine Vertical & Horizontal Mini Turbines OEMs